In 1743, the Grumier family was already living in Venteuil and growing vines. The generations succeeded one another as history unfolded, and it was in 1928 that Amand Grumier decided to keep his harvest and make his first Champagne.

His wife Aline helped and supported him in this venture which few vintners dared to try in those difficult times for winegrowers.

When his son Maurice came back from the war in 1945, he took over the vineyard and turned it into a prosperous business. He added his first name to the brand “Maurice Grumier” and we still use this brand name today.

Maurice died in an accident in 1968, leaving Guy and his wife Françoise to run the vineyard. In the thirty years that followed, they expanded the domain and modernised it, developing sales while constantly seeking the highest quality for their products.

In 1999, Fabien graduated from viticultural college and joined them on the estate. In 2005 his wife Helène arrived at the vineyard. Together they developed new cuvees and progressively turned to exporting some of their Champagnes to Italy, Switzerland, Japan, etc.