All our champagnes are bottled on the estate. The Champagne is aged in the coolness of our cellars.

The ageing of our bottles varies according to the style of champagne sought.

The Brut Tradition is aged for 2 years in our cellars before it is sold, while some special vintages are left for 8 to 10 years before appearing on the finest tables.

Disgorgement and dosage of our cuvees takes place 6 months before the bottles are marketed. Over the last few years we have significantly reduced the liqueur de dosage for the entire range – we feel it is necessary to allow the purity of the wine to express itself and not to mask all our painstaking work beforehand during the vinification process by adding large amounts of liqueur de dosage.

Some cuvees such as “Instant Nature Ultra Brut” receive no liqueur at all.