For several years, on Fabien’s initiative, the estate has been turning towards integrated winegrowing.
Our terroir is so precious and famous throughout the entire world that we have to respect it. This involves gentle and considered winegrowing methods which always take into account the quality of the future grapes.
It is up to the winegrowers to cultivate their land with care so that the champagnes’ every nuance can be fully expressed
Fabien Grumier
A few examples of integrated winegrowing:

Controlled cover planting of the plots maintains the soil and prevents erosion.
We now spend more time mowing than we do using herbicides.

Ploughing the soil at the end of the season aerates the earth and allows microbial life to develop, thus making the soil more vigorous. Ploughing also severs superficial roots, forcing the vine to develop its root system towards the chalky bedrock.

Soil enrichment and the use of fertilisers are fully thought through for each plot of land.
Some vines are sufficiently vigorous and now receive almost no fertiliser.
The quantities used have been reduced by half.

The same procedure is used to make decisions about using plant-based treatments. Daily observation of the condition of the leaves and grapes means that we either treat the vines or wait before intervening.

All these elements which have been deployed, along with rigorous winter pruning and hard work throughout the summer mean that we can supervise yields better and produce grapes of exceptional quality.