The entire range of Maurice Grumier Champagnes is produced on the estate by Fabien Grumier in partnership with the oenologist James Darsonville. Guy is still present and very active on the estate, passing on his vintner’s know-how and experience.

Once the grapes have been harvested from the vines, they are slowly pressed in our membrane press. After rapid racking, fermentation occurs in small stainless steel vats in order to divide up the grape varieties and vinify each plot separately so that the terroir so dear to us can express itself to its best advantage. Malolactic fermentation occurs naturally without the addition of yeast (pitching) in all the wines during the winter.

Depending on the year, the wine is decanted once or twice during the maturing process to gently clarify it. When March arrives, every vat and barrel is tasted. Each wine is discussed and selected to make our various cuvees or kept in reserve for a year in vats. The blending is a family affair, where we respect the subtlety of the wines so that the taste of Maurice GRUMIER Champagnes remains constant. Next, the wines undergo a light filtration (except for the Cuvee Amand) and are then bottled on the estate.